Biogas as an opportunity 

Our future needs the bio-power of biogas

Green energy from hundreds of substrates

Natural conditions could hardly be more diverse for biogas production. Bacteria can generate biogas from practically any organic material – apart from a few exceptions: knowing these is a necessary condition in biogas production because they would definitely hamper anaerobic fermentation. We can thus generate methane, the most valuable component of biogas, from hundreds of substrates. We most frequently use the combustible gas by converting it into electricity in a combined heat and power unit and make it available to the national grid.

Free gift: heating via combined heat and power

Small side effect, huge impact: the methane mainly generated in the biogas plant goes to a combined heat and power unit via gas pipe where waste heat is also generated during electricity generation. Ideally, we use the waste heat from the combined heat and power unit to heat buildings, greenhouses and swimming pools, i.e. we don’t just generate “green” electricity, we also save on fossil fuels for heating.

Bioenergy into the national gas grid

A skilful trick and biogas makes its way into the gas pipe: if you remove just one other main component from biogas – carbon dioxide – a source of energy is created that corresponds to natural gas. The result: renewable organic waste products become energy from biomass that we can feed directly into the gas grid, i.e. regardless of the location of the biogas plant, we can access biogas from anywhere.

The future of renewable energies requires biogas. A tomorrow that already exists today. We are happy to help you to put sustainable progress and growth into action. Personally – even today if you want it.

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